Self Defense

best tactical pens

Best Tactical Pens For Self Defense

We love adding more gadgets to our EDC collection and these are the best tactical pens we could find. These pens are much more than a basic writing instrument. These are rugged and sturdy crafting…

self defense training

Easy Self Defense Moves Everyone Should Know

With nearly 6 million assaults occurring in the United States every year, it is important to have some type of self defense training. Tools like pepper spray and tasers or stun guns can be extremely helpful. However, learning some simple self…

best tasers for personal defense

8 of the Best Tasers for Personal Self Defense

What is a taser? A taser is a device that sends an extremely high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge that is strong enough to temporarily disable the body’s ability to control motor functions. Tasers are sometimes referred to…

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