Easy Self Defense Moves Everyone Should Know

self defense training

With nearly 6 million assaults occurring in the United States every year, it is important to have some type of self defense training.

Tools like pepper spray and tasers or stun guns can be extremely helpful. However, learning some simple self defense moves will ensure that you are safe and protected no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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So what moves should you know so you can feel comfortable and confident in your defensive abilities? Read on to discover self-defense training moves that you can teach yourself.

Prevention Is the Best Self Defense Training

What do we mean by “prevention”? It’s pretty straightforward: do everything you can to put yourself in the best situation possible.

Visit areas and locations that you know are typically safe. Spend time with people you trust. Be mindful of your surroundings, walk and park in well-lit areas, and carry your keys with you in your hand as you get closer to your car.

If you can diffuse a potentially violent situation by talking or handing over your wallet, purse, or keys, do that. Violence should always be the last resort.

Straight Punch

When fighting back is necessary, though, one great move to know is a straight punch.

Maximize the strength of your punch by pushing up from balls of your feet and moving your hip and fist forward at the same time. Connect with your pointer and middle finger knuckles instead of your ring and pinky finger ones.

Also, try to aim at your target’s most vulnerable areas, such as eyes, nose, or throat.

Kick to the Groin

A kick to the groin is another simple move that can help you break free from an attacker.

For the best kick possible, you want to drive your hip forward while keeping your knee bent and your heel back. Then you will extend your knee and leg, and hit your attacker’s groin with the top of your foot.

To make sure your legs are as strong as possible for this move, practice lunging.

Bear Hug Defense

While these attack moves are always useful, what happens if your attacker grabs you first? How do you escape?

Fortunately, there are defensive tricks that you can practice.

One of them is the bear hug defense, which can be used when your attacker attempts to “bear hug” you.

To escape this hold, drop down as low as possible toward the ground. Then wiggle your body as much as you can until you slide out of the attacker’s hold.

Going Forward

As mentioned above, prevention is really the best form of self-defense. However, if and when you ever find yourself in a violent situation, be sure to keep these moves in mind.

You don’t need expert self-defense training to know how to protect yourself. Just remember what areas to hit and how to break free from certain holds, and you should be able to thwart any type of attacker.

Have you found any of these self-defense moves helpful in the past? Are there any more you would add to our list? Comment below and let us know!

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