Pepper Spray Comparison Chart

Compare the best pepper sprays with our chart

This table represents the best of all possible options.

We hope the easy layout of this pepper spray comparison chart will help you make the right purchase for you needs.

You can click on the arrows in each of the columns to sort by different criteria.

All of the products are high quality, and we trust the SABRE Red and Mace Security and Fox Labs brands.

If you have any questions please leave us a comment, we would be more than happy to answer.

Always remember to use pepper spray ONLY in the event of an emergency where you feel your life is being threatened.

Improper use of pepper spray can have legal repercussions.

Make sure to check your local laws to see if there are any restrictions on what types of self defense spray you can carry.

Pepper SpraySpray PatternNumber of ShotsRatingPriceBuy from Amazon
SABRE Red Pepper SpraySABRE Red Pepper SprayStream Pattern25[usr 4]$Buy now from Amazon
OC Spray from Defense TechnologiesDefense Technologies First Defense OC Stream MK-4 1.3% SolutionStream Pattern25[usr 3.5]$$Buy now from Amazon
Large Mace Security Pepper Gel Home DefenseMace Brand Pepper Spray Home Defense Pepper GelGel Stream6[usr 4.5]$$$Buy now from Amazon
Fastest keyring pepper spraySpitfire- Most Advanced, Compact & Fastest-Deploying Key Ring SprayCone Pattern8[usr 3.5]$$Buy now from Amazon
Bear Attack DeterrentFrontiersman Bear Spray with Hip HolsterFog Pattern9[usr 5]$$$Buy now from Amazon
Police Strength - Home Defense Pepper SpraySABRE Red Pepper FoamFoam Pattern10[usr 4]$Buy now from Amazon
Mace Pepper Spray with KeychainMace Security Pepper Spray Pocket ModelStream Pattern15[usr 3]$Buy now from Amazon
SABRE Red Pepper Spray Blue DyeSABRE Red Pepper Spray - Blue DyeStream Pattern35[usr 3.5]$Buy now from Amazon
Most Powerful Fox Labs Self Defense SprayFox Labs Law Enforcement Defense SprayStream Pattern24[usr 4.5]$$$$Buy now from Amazon
SABRE RED Pepper GelSABRE RED Pepper GelGel Stream10[usr 4]$Buy now from Amazon
Small pepper spray key ringMace Brand Pepper Spray Key Guard Key ChainCone Pattern6[usr 2.5]$Buy now from Amazon
Counter Assault Powerful Bear SprayCounter Assault Bear DeterrentFog Pattern9[usr 4.5]$$$Buy now from Amazon
SALT Long Range Pepper Spray GunSALT Self Defense - Pepper Spray Gun KitShoots Pellets7[usr 5]$$$$Buy now from Amazon
SABRE-RED-Pepper-Spray-Police-Strength-Black-Key-RingSABRE RED Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Black Key RingStream Pattern25[usr 3.5]$Buy now from Amazon
SABRE RED Pepper Gel Home DefenseFamily, Home & Property Defense GelGel Stream32[usr 5]$$$Buy now from Amazon
Advanced Police Strength Pepper SpraySABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper SprayStream Pattern35[usr 3.5]$Buy now from Amazon
Mace Brand Pepper Spray Pepper GunMace Brand Pepper Spray GunStream Pattern7[usr 4]$$$Buy now from Amazon
UDAP Max Power Bear SprayUDAP 12HP Bear SprayFog Pattern7[usr 4.5]$$$Buy now from Amazon
SABRE Red Magnum 60Magnum 60 Tactical SprayCone Pattern35[usr 4]$Buy now from Amazon


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