Best Pepper Spray Guns (2023)


Looking for a pepper spray gun?

We have put together a list of the top four pepper spray guns available.

Don’t be fooled by some of their toy-like appearances, these are very serious and powerful pepper spray products.

They are all easy to aim and some can cover some distances much greater than a standard pepper spray keychain.

Scroll down below the comparison table to check out additional information on each of our pepper spray gun reviews.


Spray Pattern

Number of Shots

Canister Size

Shelf Life

SALT Pepper Spray Gun

150 Feet


10 Rounds

7 Round Magazines

5 Years

JPX 4 Shot Gun

23 Feet

Target Shot

4 Shots

.32 Ounce Charges

2 Years

Mace Pepper Gun

20 Feet


6-8 Short Bursts

28 Grams

4 Years

Pepper Blaster II

13 Feet

Target Shot

2 Blasts

.21 Ounce Charges

5 Years

Top 5 Pepper Spray Pistols

Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit

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This is the SALT gun by Salt Supply, a state of the art self-defense device.

The S1 pepper spray gun is powered by co2 cylinders the SALT gun can hit targets up to 150 feet away while still proving to be effective.

An impressive 7 round cartridge puts the SALT gun ahead of its competitors and the range is again extremely impressive.

These pepper spray pellet guns offer a unique approach to delivering pepper spray that is unlike any other brand available today.

You will get (10) practice rounds, (10) pepper rounds, magazine, a few (2) co2 cartridges, a locking case and a simple to follow user manual.

There is little to no kickback or loud bang when the device is fired, and the re-loadable magazine makes the SALT pepper spray gun an invaluable product over time.


Color: Black or Yellow

Number of Shots: 7 round magazines

Spray Pattern: Shoots Pellets

Range: 150 feet

Expiration: 5 year shelf life

Features: High capacity and insane distance, used by the military and police tactical teams

Byrna SD [Self Defense] Kinetic Launcher Ultimate Bundle

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Byrna is a USA based company that has produced one hell of an awesome pepper spray gun.

An impressive 7 round cartridge puts the Byrna SD ahead of its competitors and the 60 foot range is a great benefit, with projectile speeds of up to 300 feet per second!

The sticky ergonomic honeycomb grip makes this one of the most comfortable pepper spray guns to handle. This also improves control in wet situations.

Each kit includes: Byrna SD Launcher, Eco-Kinetic Training Ammunition (5 ct.), 2 (two) Kinetic Training / Self Defense Ammunition Tubes (10 ct. total), 8g CO2 Canisters (7 ct.), Additional (50 ct.) Bag Kinetic Training / Self Defense Ammunition


Color: Black, Pink, Orange, Grey, and Tan

Number of Shots: 7 round magazines

Spray Pattern: Shoots Pellets

Range: 60 feet

Expiration: 4 year shelf life

Features: Made in the USA, Small form factor, Comfortable honeycomb grip

JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun

check price now for jpx 4 shot

This is by far the best pepper spray gun on the market.

Police officers, jails and military personnel use this product due to its extremely effective performance.

The JPX pepper gun features 4 shot re-loadable cartridges that deliver the spray at 405 MPH from the nozzle leaving very little possibility for blowback.

Just the sound of this thing will scare most attackers away. The range is about 23 feet and the device uses actual primers for the delivery system.

This pepper spray pistol is extremely accurate and will keep your attacker disabled for up to 45 minutes. If you need professional grade security equipment this is the best of the best.


Color: Black

Number of Shots: 4 Shots

Spray Pattern: Targeted Shot

Range: 23 feet

Expiration: 2 year shelf life

Features: Extremely accurate delivery system, replaceable cartridges allows for multiple uses

Mace Pepper Gun -Black with Strobe LED

check price now mace pepper spray pistol

Mace Security delivers a great pepper spray gun, packed with tons of great features.

This is one of our favorite self-defense products on the market. This product features a disorienting LED strobe light that will activate when the trigger is pulled 2 times.

Another great feature is the replaceable cartridges for multiple uses over the years.

You will also receive a water practice cartridge to allow yourself to familiarize yourself with the product and its capabilities and limitations.

This product will provide a 20 foot range and allow you to dispense roughly 8 short bursts with a powerful stream spray pattern. The pistol grip helps with accuracy and allows a firm grip to avoid dropping the canister.


Color: Black

Number of Shots: 6-8 bursts

Spray Pattern: Stream

Range: 20 feet

Expiration: 4 year shelf life

Features: Unique disorienting LED strobe to further neutralize your attacker while providing some additional light for accuracy

Kimber PepperBlaster II – Gray

check price now kimber pepper blaster

This is our all time favorite pepper spray gun. The Kimber Pepper Blaster II is great for personal protection and is very easy to conceal with its small footprint.

This device uses a state of the art non-aerosol pyrotechnic delivery system that is extremely effective and accurate. The Pepper Blaster II uses a 10% OC 2.4% capsaicinoid rating, with additional contents to add viscosity.

The projected pepper spray shots are delivered at 112 MPH that have very little possibility for blowback, so you do not need to worry about wind speed or direction when using the Pepper Blaster II.

The handle of this pepper spray pistol fits the hand nicely allowing for stable delivery with a simple point and shoot trigger.

There are holsters specifically designed for this device making it easy to access and deploy.

We highly recommend this device to anyone who needs a simple point and shoot pepper gun, without having to worry so much about the direction and speed of the wind.


Color: Grey

Number of Shots: 2 Shots

Spray Pattern: Targeted Shot

Range: 13 feet

Expiration: 5 year shelf life

Features: Comfortable ergonomic grip provides improved accuracy, proprietary delivery system greatly reduces chance for blowback

What are some additional benefits of using a pepper spray gun?

  • Increased Range: Pepper spray guns typically have a longer range compared to traditional pepper sprays, allowing you to keep a safe distance from your target.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: The design of a pepper spray gun often includes features such as a built-in sight or laser, which can improve accuracy and targeting.
  • Multiple Shots: Pepper spray guns are capable of firing multiple shots, giving you the opportunity to react in case you miss or encounter multiple threats.
  • Disorientation and Incapacitation: Pepper spray guns deliver a concentrated stream of pepper spray, which can cause temporary disorientation, difficulty breathing, and intense burning sensation, incapacitating the attacker.
  • Non-Lethal Option: Pepper spray guns offer a non-lethal self-defense option, allowing you to protect yourself without causing permanent harm to the attacker.
  • Easy to Use: Pepper spray guns are generally designed to be user-friendly, with simple mechanisms for activation, making them accessible even in high-stress situations.
  • Legal Considerations: In many jurisdictions, pepper spray guns are legal for civilian use, providing a practical and legal means of self-defense.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding pepper spray guns to ensure proper and responsible usage.

Pepper Spray Gun Final Thoughts

Having the extra distance and easy aim of a quality pepper spray gun brings a good sense of security.

If you are a firearms owner this is a great less than lethal option to carry. Even if you do not have a gun or have never even shot a gun you can learn to aim and fire these products quickly.

We hope our pepper spray gun reviews have helped you make the best purchase for your needs.

Make sure to get some practice cartridges and extra ammunition to take a few practice shots and learn the device in and out.

Make sure you are comfortable with the safety features, trigger, aiming and how to reload the pepper spray gun before relying on it in a real world situation.

We highly recommend picking one of these pepper pistols up, even if you never have to use it they are still a unique item to have.

4 Comments on "Best Pepper Spray Guns (2023)"

  1. Can the Kimber be reloaded?
    What is the velocity of the Mace brand?

    • John,

      Hope you are doing well.

      The Kimber Pepper Blaster CANNOT be reloaded. It packs two shots and then the device will need to be replaced.

      As for the Mace Pepper Gun. We are not sure on the exact velocity of the aerosol cartridges. We have tested them multiple times and you will be able to cover about 20 foot distances with approximately seven short bursts of a stream spray pattern.

      Please note with any aerosol type product the first blast will have more velocity then the last.

      Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!

      -BPSO TEAM

  2. While the Kimber products are indeed excellent, your aim must be excellent as well. If you don’t hit the attacker square in the face (preferably the eyes) it really has little effect since it is not a powder that could be breathed in even if it only hits the chin or chest. And in a panic situation, 2 shots are not nearly enough to guarantee a hit.
    Now the JTX product offers 4 shots, but is unreasonably expensive.
    It would be nice if these companies could somehow reconfigure their products to include a powder as well as liquid, have longer shelf lives and, at least for JTX, have a more reasonable and affordable price.
    The Salt gun is also excellent, but is way to cumbersome to be able to carry with you daily. They should develop a more compact version, even if it reduces somewhat the distance it can shoot, that can allow it to be more easily carried as a concealed item.

    • Robert,

      Thanks for the feedback. It is unfortunate the Kimber product only has two shots, more is always better when it comes to self-defense. We recommend practicing with the Kimber PepperBlaster II Trainer which deploys blue food dye instead of pepper spray. The trainer model does cost almost as much as the unit so its not always the cheapest route but definitely the safest. We cannot stress more that practicing with these devices before relying on them is absolutely critical.

      We totally agree the JPX devices are on the expensive side. They are more designed for professional use over civilians hence the large price tag. We will say though, they do deliver some of the most intense pepper spray you can buy.

      We will forward your recommendation to the SALT team and see what they say. A more compact version would be a great addition to their product line.

      Thanks again for the nice words.
      -BPSO Team

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