Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Portable Eyewash Stations

best portable eye wash stations

While we might think of work-related injuries as being damage to our heads or limbs, 10-20% of these injuries could result in vision loss.

In several industries, debris or chemicals could easily end up in your eyes by accident.

Having portable eyewash stations available are essential to protecting everyone on site.

Portable eye wash stations are also great for security officials or police officers who may be exposed to pepper spray or mace.

As we work in a lab or an industrial environment, we might get something on our hands, only to thoughtlessly rub our eye or scratch our face.

This common human twitch could have hazardous consequences in the wrong environment.

If you’re working away from your normal site or have a large facility, you might need an eyewash station that can be transported.

If you’re wondering whether portable eyewash stations are good for your facility, here are four reasons you need one.

1. Travel With Them

Obviously, portability is a huge plus. Being able to move your eyewash station around without drainage or pipes means you can go where the emergency is.

Your workspace or work site might have different needs from week to week. Since you need to wash out someone’s eye within 10 seconds of an incident, the portable station is a must.

As you move around and the needs of your employees change, you’ll never be compromising their safety, as the tools they need will always be within reach.

2. You Can Be Flexible

Since these portable stations are light and small, they can be brought out for a field study and stored in your vehicles.

They don’t need to remain wall-mounted, though they often are.

Put yours on top of a cart or a stand of some kind.

This will allow it to be at the height you need it in a semi-permanent way without having to tack it to the wall, defeating the portability benefit.

3. The Perfect Size

While you may have cameras keeping a constant eye on the site, you never know when an incident can happen.

Because they’re often small, these kits can be grabbed from a shelf by kids working in a school lab as easily as adults.

They remain compliant with national laws without having to be bulky or over-sized.

They can fit into confined areas where you won’t be able to add plumbing.

4. Easy To Maintain

Maintaining a large unit with plumbing requires the expertise of a plumber. Without their help, you could get bacteria, stagnant water, sediment, or mold in your wash station pipes.

When contaminated water hits the eyes of the person having the emergency, this could make things worse.

Save yourself the trouble of irritating regular maintenance by adding a portable unit to your workspace.

Portable Eyewash Stations Make Work Safe And Efficient

Having a portable eyewash station on site is an easy addition to any workspace.

By adding a mobile station, you’ll ensure that your employees are protected without having to invest in any additional infrastructure.

This is especially helpful if your team is only being temporarily contracted for a given site.

If you want to know about more cool tools to have in the case of an emergency, check out our reviews of the best personal alarms.

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