The 7 Best Self-Defense Products for Women

self defense products for women

The world is a dangerous place.

Every woman should be prepared to protect herself by being aware of her surroundings at all times and considering the right self-defense products to help her fight off an attacker if necessary.

By being alert and equipped with the right products, women can feel safer in their environment and more confident in whatever they do.

Learn these 5 simple self-defense moves to give you an added sense of security when you’re walking somewhere alone.

Then consider which of the following seven products we recommend below are right for you to help you defend yourself from any predator.

Pepper Spray

This is one of the most common self-defense products because it is extremely effective and easy to disguise.

Many bottles of pepper spray look like lipstick tubes or other personal items.

A woman can quickly grab her pepper spray and administer a blinding shot of liquid derived from cayenne peppers. Any potential attacker will be left temporarily blind and in excruciating pain.

Check out our pepper spray comparison chart to decide what model is right for you.

Taser or Stun Gun

Deliver a powerful shock to a would-be attacker with a taser or stun gun. This small device packs a very powerful punch and can be concealed nearly anywhere.

Prison guards use this technology on unruly inmates because it immediately stops an aggressive person in his tracks.

One shock from this device and you should be able to escape to safety.

Powerful Flashlight

A flashlight designed for self defense is a great tool to keep in your bag.

You never know when having an extra light may come in handy. And, you can use the sturdy base of the flashlight as a blunt weapon to defend yourself.

Be aware of your surroundings by illuminating them with your light. Pick a flashlight that feels comfortable in your hand in case you need to use it to fend off an attacker.

Self-Defense Keychain

Your keychain can be an unassuming but powerful self-defense product.

It doubles as a weapon in an emergency. The sharp points on the end can do a good amount of damage especially if you know how to throw a punch.

Your cute kitty keychain is really a set of brass knuckles, keeping you safe and stylish.


In the right hands, a gun can be the most effective tool for self defense.

The goal is to never have to use it, but carrying one can make you feel safer when you’re by yourself.

Learn the gun laws for your state before purchasing one. Always get proper training to avoid any accidents.

Having a handgun you’re comfortable using and can pull out quickly in an emergency can save your life.

Concealment Purse or Garment

Concealment apparel and accessories make great self-defense products because they allow you access to the tools you need without sacrificing fashion or comfort.

Keep your gun or any other self-defense product handy.

Have the confidence to go anywhere when your purse, wrap, vest, or other item doubles as a placeholder for your protection.


Sometimes the best defense is scaring away a suspect before he becomes an attacker. A small alarm is a great tool to help keep you safe.

You can attach your personal alarm to your key ring to turn it into a discreet panic button.

When pressed, the alarm will sound, alerting anyone nearby that you’re in danger. This may be enough to make a predator think twice before they make their move.

Many personal alarms also emit light, drawing further attention to your situation.

Find the Right Self Defense Products For You

The most important factor when choosing how to arm yourself against an attacker is that you’re comfortable with the equipment you’re using.

There’s no time to fumble around or be unsure in an emergency.

Check out our reviews of pepper sprays and other security products to see what’s best for you.

And contact us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help you stay safe!

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