Pepper Spray for Home Defense and Safety


If you are looking for the best pepper spray for home defense, look no further.

These products will provide more than enough protection for your home.

Keep in mind that you will not want to contaminate excessive amounts of your home, so the spray pattern and coverage areas are the most important things to consider when making your selection.

We highly recommend the SABRE brand for home protection, as they are used by police all around the world, and make the highest quality products on the market.

Home Defense Spray – Top Picks to Keep Your Home Safe

SABRE RED Pepper Spray – Police Strength – Home & Away Protection Kit

pepper spray combo deal

This combination kit gives you double the protection for both your home and when you are away. The home spray comes with a mounting bracket and features a glow-in-the-dark safety to help in low light situations.

The home canister deploys a foam to lower the risk of contaminating yourself when used indoors.

The keyring canister provides a more direct stream that allows for optimal use from a safe distance. Making sure you are protected both home and away is a must and this takes care of both with one package.


Color: Black

Number of Shots: 25 bursts

Spray Pattern: Stream

Range: 10 feet

Expiration: 4-year shelf life

Features: Combo kit covers both in home and on-the-go needs.

SABRE Red Pepper Gel – Family, Home & Property Defense Gel with Wall Mount Bracket

Wall mount pepper spray for home defense

This is a great product that also features a wall mount bracket for easy access and strategic placement.

You will be able to hit attackers with 32 bursts up to 30 feet away with a powerful stream of gel that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use at home.

This is one of the biggest cans of home defense spray on the market and will provide plenty of protection for your loved ones at home.

This product features a nice 4-year shelf life to keep you protected for years to come.

Make sure to notate when you purchased the spray so you can replace it once it has expired to ensure the spray is still effective if you need to use it.


Color: Black

Number of Shots: 32 bursts

Spray Pattern: Stream of gel

Range: 30 feet

Expiration: 4-year shelf life

Features: Mounting bracket for easy access, and high capacity to hit multiple attackers.

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Home Defense

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Home Defense Pepper Gel

Yet another great product from Mace Security is their police strength Home Defense.

The spray is made up of a 10% compound delivering an OC pepper gel and UV dye combo.

You will be able to cover an effective range of 25 feet. The canister will fully empty in 6 seconds of continuous spray.

The amount of spray that is delivered in such a short amount of time can take out multiple attackers with ease.

The overall coverage and the compound used make this a great self-defense spray for home.


Color: Black

Number of Shots: Empties in 6 seconds

Spray Pattern: Stream of gel

Range: 25 feet

Expiration: 4-year shelf life

Features: High capacity to hit multiple attackers, UV dye to easily identify the attackers

Fox Labs 1 Pound 2% 5.3-mm Pistol Grip

Most Powerful Fox Labs Self Defense Spray

This last product is from Fox Labs.

The 1 Pound Pistol Grip self-defense spray will provide up to 50 1/2 second bursts of an extremely powerful stream pattern.

If you anticipate needing to disperse a crowd of people or protect yourself against multiple attackers this guy will deliver.

This product is made in the USA and will provide a 3-year shelf life. This one is a bit on the heavy side but will offer great protection for your home.


Color: Black

Number of Shots: 50 1/2 second bursts

Spray Pattern: Stream pattern

Range: 20 feet

Expiration: 3-year shelf life

Features: Huge capacity and powerful 2% formula, Made in the USA

Final Thoughts

Using any of the above-listed home defense sprays will give you peace of mind having a powerful, less than lethal, alternative to protect your family.

We recommend using multiple layers of security products at home to give your family the highest level of protection.

Some other products to check out are home security systems and motion sensing cameras.

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