Camping Pepper Spray – Top Picks


This set of camping pepper spray products will provide an enormous amount of protection for you and your loved ones when spending time in the great outdoors.

You can protect yourself if attacked by a bear or other vicious wild animals. This could also protect you against an unfriendly person wandering into your campsite or causing problems on a trail.

You never know when someone or something could attack, so prepare yourself with one of these camping pepper spray products.

Camping Pepper Spray – Top 3

1) SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray

camping mace spray 3 in 1

With a nice compact size and high capacity, this is a great product to bring on a camping trip. The 35 burst capacity and ten-foot range will provide protection against multiple attackers, both human and animal. Using the 3-in-1 formula of Pepper Spray, CS Military Tear Gas & UV Marking Dye, the results are extremely effective. Police and security personal around the world trust the SABRE brand.


Color: Black

Number of Shots: 35 bursts

Spray Pattern: Stream

Range: 10 feet

Expiration: 4-year shelf life

Features: High capacity allows for protection against multiple attackers, small size is easy to carry on hikes.


2) Outdoor Combo Pack – Guard Alaska 9 oz. Bear Spray Repellant

camping safety spray and bear protection

This is a great combination deal that provides a holster for the bear spray can and a keychain canister of pepper spray, which allows redundant protection and safety to multiple individuals. The range on this spray is quite high, maxing out at 20 feet and nine seconds of continuous spray. A solid four-year shelf life allows you to be protected over a long period of time.


Color: Black

Number of Shots: 9 seconds of continuous spray

Spray Pattern: Stream

Range: 15-20 feet

Expiration: 4-year shelf life

Features: Bear spray repellent will help keep bears away from your campsite or local areas, small size is easy to carry on hikes.

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3) Frontiersman Bear Spray with Hip Holster

camping protection and bear spray

With a heavy fog that can cover up to a 30-foot range, this spray will help ward off almost any bear that you encounter. The five seconds of constant spray will unload the 7.9 oz. canister on the bear and cause it to be disorientated, giving you time to leave the area and seek immediate assistance. You will get a nice long three-year shelf life with the Frontiersman Bear Spray.


Color: White and black canister

Number of Shots: 5 seconds of constant spray

Spray Pattern: Heavy fog

Range: 30 feet

Expiration: 3-year shelf life

Features: High-power bear spray allows for great instant coverage with a 30-foot deployment of heavy fog.

Final Thoughts

Being prepared is one of the most important aspects of camping so why not be on the cautious side and throw a can of pepper spray in your bags. There may be an unplanned encounter that comes up in the future and you will thank yourself for thinking of all possible outcomes and protecting yourself with some quality pepper spray. Don’t gamble with your life, always be prepared and carry pepper spray.

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