How to Choose the Perfect Keyless Cabinet Locking System

keyless cabinet security

These days, an effective cabinet locking practice is a must. You never know who might take an interest in your personal belongings. Items of particular concern include financial documents, credit card information, and firearms.

In days long past, keyed locks were the cabinet defense method of choice. Now they are an outdated form of protection.

Cabinet Locking Is The Downfall of Keyed Cabinets

When you hear the term “cabinet locking,” chances are you picture a hanging lock and key.

Most people associate hanging locks and keys with security. In fact, the icon that appears next to a secure URL in Google Chrome is a symbol of a locked “hanging lock”.

Not anymore, though. Tools have become so sophisticated that they can easily cut through the bars on hanging locks. They can also drill through long cylinder locks.

If a skilled-enough thief deems such tools too noisy, he may turn to lock picks. With the right picks, he can quickly and quietly pop open a cabinet lock and take whatever he wants.

If he has no lock picks, he can fashion his own out of paperclips and bobby pins. A trick out of “MacGyver” could be the downfall of your current security system.

There’s no need to fear for your security, though. Keyless cabinet locking prevent such tools from breaking through your defense.

Keyless Cabinet Locking Options

As their name implies, keyless cabinet locks don’t require keys or traditional locks. They are far more secure than traditional hanging locks and keys.

Electronic Keypads

Electronic keypads are one of the most secure methods of cabinet locking.

Users who want to unlock an electronic keypad must type in a code. Codes are easy to memorize and easy to hide. A potential thief likely won’t think to check your Blu-Ray copy of “The Matrix” for the code hidden behind the slipcover.

Additionally, electronic keypads are much harder to break using regular tools.

Bio-metric Locks

The ability to open a secure safe or storage unit with your fingerprint is almost too good to be true. Without the need for a complex code, key or combination, accessing these types of devices is very quick and convenient.

We recommend keeping a close guarded firearm in a safe or cabinet secured by biometrics due to the time saved searching for keys or plugging in a security code on other locking systems.

Combination Padlocks

Nothing special here but they get the job done. If you are looking for a super quick and cheap lock to secure a cabinet these little locks are great. Combination padlocks are essentially hanging locks with combination dials instead of a keyspace.

Like electronic keypads, they require a “code” in order to unlock. In that sense, they are safer than traditional locks. This also means you do not have to worry about losing your keys.

However, since they are hanging locks, they are vulnerable to the same cutting and drilling tools as traditional locks.

RFID Locking Solutions

In the year 2018, you may want to go with a more technology-driven security solution and install some RFID locking mechanisms on your cabinets or storage.

One of the nicest features of an RFID system is that you have the ability to hide the locking system, making stealth or covert security easy and efficient.

The Benefits of Using Keyless Cabinet Locks

The benefits of using keyless cabinet locks don’t stop at tighter security. It’s a good idea to switch to this kind of lock for other reasons as well.


Keys are easy to lose. They’re easy enough to replace, but the cost of replacing them adds up over time.

Additionally, you have the cost of replacing a whole lock set if you lose the only key to the set.


Electronic locks and combination padlocks can be reprogrammed with a new code or combination at any time.

In contrast, a traditional lock will always take only one key and any copies of that key.

If you’ve given a copy to an ex-significant other or ex-friend, you’re open to any theft they might attempt. The only way to eliminate that possibility is to go out and buy a new lockset.

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