Best Lock Pick Set for Beginners and Pros Alike

best lock pick sets

If you are looking for the best lock pick set, we have put together a list of the highest grade products available. Regardless if you have no lock picking experience or you are a master locksmith, these lock pick sets will get the job done.

What is lock picking?

Lock picking is one of the primary skills a locksmith must master. It involves unlocking a lock by using tools to manipulate the components of the lock without the use of the corresponding key. While this is often associated with criminal activity, there are many positive uses for lock picking.

Here are the top 5 best lock pick sets we could find!

29 Piece Lock Kit

If you are just starting out in the lock pick world, this set includes everything you need to get started. The 29 piece set includes comfort handles you can put on each of the picks if they cause discomfort. There is an included practice lock which is pretty easy to pick and a carrying case to keep all your picks organized. The picks are made of titanium-plated metal to reduce bending and speed up the picking process. If you are looking to join the lock pick community, then this is a great beginner lock pick set.

Practice Lock Set 15pcs by KATTEONG

Here is another great kit for beginners and pros looking for a nice practice set. There are 15 pieces total including a carrying case and transparent practice lock. Please note there are no instructions or training materials included with this package, so if you are a complete beginner, check out the books listed below. Overall this lock pick set has everything you need to get started learning to pick locks.

LPWP Good Helper 15 Piece

Up next we have this 15 piece set of lock pick practice tools. This lock pick set includes 12 picks that can be used on almost any lock you can think of. There is also an included transparent practice lock and carrying case. While good for beginners, this set of picks has steel handles with iron tips. This makes them easy to bend and is not good for older or stuck locks. The set is nice and cheap, which makes this a great starter lock pick set.

AONAN Credit Card Set

Here is a cool and covert lock pick set that is hidden in a Statue of Liberty fake credit card. These are not the best made or most effective lock picks available, but they are pretty cool and make a great gift. You get a total of five lock pick tools that allow a semi-skilled individual to pick a decent amount of locks. This lock pick set might not be high enough quality for the pros out there, but it makes for a great gift for an aspiring locksmith or lock pick fanatic.

Various Maintenance Combination Set (24 PCS)

This last lock pick set is a 24 piece set containing everything you need to get started. You will get a nice amount of picks, torsion wrench, clear practice lock and carrying case for a pretty good price. The picks are made from plated steel that is designed to prevent rust and the comfort handles are great for beginners. Overall customers have been happy with the quality of this set and we recommend this as a great option for both beginners and experienced lock pickers alike.


Lock Pick Techniques and Training

So now you have your nifty lock pick set but you are not sure where to start. Here are a few reference items you can use to start mastering your craft. Get a few practice locks to start out and pick up one of these books to learn some of the most effective tips and tricks when it comes to picking locks of all shapes and sizes.

Visual Guide to Lock Picking

This is one of the best lock picking books available. There are tons of detailed walkthrough tutorials as well as images to help you follow along. Many of the images offer two different perspectives to give you the best inside look at what is actually happening inside of the different types of locks. This book is quite possibly the best visual aid to learning lock picking we could find.

The CIA Lockpicking Manual

Another decent training reference to get a visual representation of the different types of locks and how to go about picking each different type. If you are looking for a super high-quality detailed book on lock picking, get “Visual Guide to Lock Picking” listed above.

Practical Lock Picking, Second Edition: A Physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide

Here is the monster manual of picking locks and becoming a physical access penetration testing wizard. One of the most comprehensive training manuals available to the public, this has more information about picking locks than the average hobbyist would ever need. If knowledge is your passion check this book out!

Lock Pick Basics and Techniques

Feel free to skip around this video there are some really good explanations here.

What tools are needed to pick locks?

Different types of locks will require different equipment, tools and training to unlock without a key. Here are some of the most common types of tools that you will see used to pick locks.

Torsion Wrench

A torsion wrench is needed when picking pin and tumbler locks, as well as wafer locks. This tool places tension on the tumbler to hold successfully picked pins in place. Once all the pins are in place the torsion wrench is used to turn the tumbler to release the lock. These wrenches usually have an “L” shape and are an essential tool for a lock picker.

Half-Diamond Pick

This is a very common pick that is often included in basic lock pick sets used for picking individual pins. These picks can also be used to rake pins and work well on wafer locks.

Hook Pick

Similar to the half-diamond pick these are shaped like a hook and can be used to pick individual pins or identify individual pins in a lock.

Ball Pick

Another pick that has a half or full circle shape at the end commonly used to pick wafer locks.

Rake Picks

These picks are pulled across all the pins rapidly and repeatedly to bounce the pins above the shear line. These picks require much less skill than picking individual pins and can be quick and effective on lower-quality locks.

Bump Keys

Bump keys are inserted into a lock combined with applying torque. The key is then struck with a hammer, forcing the pins to go above the shear line and allowing the plug to rotate freely.

Pick Guns

These are automated versions of bump keys that cause the pins to jump while also applying torque to turn the lock.

Tubular Lock Picks

These types of picks are used to open tubular pin type locks.


Final Thoughts

Lock picking is an art that can take a long time to master. We hope the kits and information listed above will help you develop the skills needed to crack any and all locks you come across. You can also test the security of your home by seeing how easy it is to pick your current locks. If you have vulnerable doors or other access at your home, it may be time to upgrade to some better locks.

Please know that the tools and reference materials listed above are for informational purposes only. Do not use the tools or information listed above to carry out illegal activity. Never open a lock that you do not own unless you have explicit permission from the owner.

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