How Blackout Roller Stamps Can Help Protect Your Identity

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In the United States in 2014, 7% of people aged 16 or above were victims of identity theft. That adds up to 22 million people.

Of those victims, 86% experienced the fraudulent use of existing account data, such as their bank account information or credit card details.

Keeping your information out of the hands of the criminals who engage in identity theft is becoming more and more important as the number of people affected continues to grow.

Thankfully there are tools available to help you protect your identity as much as possible.

Read on to learn how blackout roller stamps can help keep your information secure!

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft at its most basic is the theft of your personal information, such as your name or social security number.

The theft in itself is not an issue until the information is used for identity fraud. This means that your personal information is used by someone else to apply for credit, submit a false tax return, or even to get medical treatment.

This can often have financial implications for the victim of the fraud such as being refused credit or sudden unexpected bills.

How Can Blackout Roller Stamps Help?

What makes identity theft such a common crime is that is so easy.

Every day you receive items such as bills, personal mail and bank statements that have key pieces of information written on them. These can include your name, full address, social security number, credit card details and more.

A lot of this mail ends up going straight in the trash. Unfortunately, as soon as it leaves your home, you have no control over who may find it and read it.

A blackout roller stamp allows you to quickly and easily make any and all personal information impossible to read on the paperwork you are throwing out.

How Do They Work?

Blackout roller stamps are handheld stamps that you can roll over text and print directly over it.

The clever part is that what is printed is a collection of randomized letters that makes the text beneath impossible to read. The ink is quick-drying so it can’t be rubbed off to reveal your information.

In a matter of seconds, your personal information is hidden forever, stopping the identity thieves in their tracks.

What’s Wrong with a Shredder?

Shredding your documents is another way to keep your information safe.

But the trouble with a shredder is that it chops your documents into such small pieces that the paper is often impossible to recycle.

With the amount of mail that contains personal information, this is not at all good for the environment.

In addition, shredders will not work on certain items, such as adhesive labels, or items that won’t fit into the shredder, such as a prescription medicine bottle.

Blackout roller stamps have no such issues and can be used on pretty much anything.

Top 3 Blackout Roller Stamps to Help Protect Your Identity

Here are three identity protection roller stamps to keep your private info secure. Make sure to grab some extra ink if you have lots of documents you need to secure.

Vantamo Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp Wide Kit, Including 3-Pack Refills

This identity theft protection stamp is a great option to conceal confidential documents or cover up old shipping labels on reused boxes. Most text can easily be covered securely by a single pass with the roller.

There are three included refills to keep you going for quite some time. There is even a free e-book included that has some tips and pointers to keep your identity safe.

This stamp will not work on glossy surfaces and is primarily designed to cover black text on plain paper. Overall, it is a great option for personal or office use.

Miseyo Wide Roller Stamp Identity Theft Stamp 1.5 Inch Perfect for Privacy Protection – Yellow

The Miseyo roller is another great option for those looking to conceal information without the need for a shredder. The stamp is 1.5 inches wide so you can cover multiple lines with a single pass.

The ink dries quickly and can be refilled on the side of the stamp as needed. The stamp covers about 100 meters of ink before you will need a refill.

It is available in multiple colors so there is an option to fit anyone’s desk.

Identity Theft Prevention Security Stamp ADVANCED Roller Multi-Color 3 Pack White, Green and Turquoise Mask out Private Information (60170)

This three-pack has a white, green and turquoise security roller stamp. Simply cover personal or financial info with a quick pass of the roller.

The ink for these rollers can be used on glossy surfaces as well, making it a bit more versatile than the options above. The only downside is that the roller is a bit smaller, clocking in at .6 inches wide.

This is a great option for blacking out credit card offers, bills, checks and many other documents you would need to conceal the info before sending off to be recycled.

Protect Yourself

With identity theft affecting so many people each year, it is wise to try and protect yourself as much as possible.

A blackout roller stamp is just one of a whole host of security products that can help keep your information safe.

For more information on blackout roller stamps, and other great security products, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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