The Top Fire Starters You’ll Want to Have During an Emergency

best fire starters for camping

Part of living a full life means going on adventures. This may look like taking a hiking trip over the weekend or backpacking across a bunch of countries for an entire summer.

Adventures could also be trying new things at home or doing something a little out of your comfort zone just because.

Whatever thrills you’re chasing, though, you have to be careful about it. Always proceed with caution when you’re doing something alone or when you’re out and about in unknown places.

This is particularly important if you’re facing rough terrain or unpredictable weather.

In such cases, you may need an emergency fire starter. Here are some of the top fire starters to consider investing in before you take your next adventure.

1. A Magnesium Blade

When magnesium is struck by steel, it creates a spark to light a fire. This is kind of like when Boy Scouts learn to start a fire out of sticks and stones, but it’s much more reliable.

There are all kinds of magnesium-based fire starters out there. Some are large rods you strike, while others are smaller, handheld blades that you shave ash off of before igniting.

BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife: 3-in-1

This kit comes with everything you need to get started in the survival world. Included in the kit is: a gift box, knife, nylon sheath, fire starter and a powerful mini LED flashlight.

The fire starter can be used up to 12,000 times. Overall, this is a great option if you need a knife and have the need to start a fire.

2. A Fire Knife

If you’re not too confident about your ability to use a magnesium blade, consider getting yourself a fire knife. Fire knife sets actually come with two knives in one.

The first knife is made of an igniter material like magnesium or steel. The second is a duller knife that you use to strike the first and create a spark. It may take a few tries to get a big enough spark for a fire, but you’ll have a fire nonetheless.

Light my Fire Swedish FireKnife

Available in seven different colors, this is a quality fire knife you cannot go without. They use Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel from Sweden that contains a magnesium alloy. It produces a 5,400° F spark, allowing you to start fires even in wet conditions.

There is an included color-matching sheath to keep your blade clean and sharp. This is one of the best fixed blade fire knives on the market. Plus, it makes for a great gift!

3. Stormproof Matches

When in doubt, always opt for stormproof matches. These are the ultimate fire starter when things really go south. Such matches are made to withstand water damage that can happen to traditional matches.

Instead, these powerful little fire starters are ready to strike despite whatever the weather outside is like. Plus, many stormproof matches come in air-tight containers and a few of them have a couple of items that will help your fire’s flame grow.

These include cotton balls or tiny metal rods that can keep the fire going if the weather—or whatever kind of emergency you’re in—really picks up.

UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case

This little kit includes 25 wind and waterproof matches, three strikers and a case that can hold up to 40 matches.

Each match burns around 15 seconds and will relight after being submerged in water. Grab a few of these and keep them in your camping gear, bug out bags and any other EDC gear stash you may have.

You never know when a fire could save your life.

When to Use A Fire Starter

It’s one thing to know what the top fire starters out there are, and another to understand when it’s time to use them. You’re going to need one of these if you get lost while hiking, if you need to hunker down away from your campsite, or if you need to stay warm in a harsh environment.

Not to mention, fire can be a good source of self-defense if you need it, although pepper spray may work better in some cases. For a list of other self-defense items you may need in emergency situations, click here!

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