Pepper Spray by Category

Best Pepper Spray Guns


We compare the best pepper spray guns available to date. If you are looking for some serious distance these pepper spray guns can cover long range and still pack a huge punch. Most of these pepper spray guns are significantly more expensive than their keychain counter parts.

Bear Spray – Self-Defense Against Bear Attacks

Bear Attack Spray

If you are planning a trip or live in an area where bears are present, you may want to consider investing in a can of bear spray. We have compiled a short list with some information our top recommendations for bear protection sprays. Don’t get caught unprotected and make sure to follow our tips to prevent an encounter.

College Pepper Spray – Top Picks

pepper spray mace for college students

If you have a kid going away to school or if you are a student yourself you know there can be dangers in and around the college campus. If the school allows for the possession of pepper spray it may be worth the small investment. You never know when something bad could happen and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Check out our top college pepper spray picks and protect yourself today!

Camping Pepper Spray – Top Picks


This collection of products are a great addition to anyone who enjoys camping or the good old outdoors in general. Danger can strike in many forms and having some pepper spray in your camping gear could make a huge difference. Check out our top picks for camping pepper spray.

Jogging Pepper Spray – Top Picks


If you are an active jogger or runner this group of products are lightweight and easy to carry on a jog or run. These runner pepper spray models feature some great safety features like straps and reflective components. If you have ever been scared or worried on a run or jog make that end and protect yourself with these great products.

Best Pepper Spray for Home Defense


Looking to protect your home or business? These home defense sprays will not let you down if there is someone trying to break in. Packing huge capacities and massive range you will be able to put down multiple attackers with a single sweep. We only recommend the most effective products to ensure your safety.

Pepper Spray Holsters

4 OZ mace hip holster

The single most important factor to having an effective use of pepper spray is being able to access and use it quickly. We have done some digging and put together our favorite pepper spray holsters. They are all very light and easy to wear, and will provide super quick access to your defense spray.


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